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Is it time to tackle multi-year planning that is 'strategic'?

Want a practical, collaborative and doable process to creating and implementing multi-year plans that you will actually use for daily action AND compliance reporting?   You don't need to go it alone...


INTRODUCING: The Cooperative Strategic Leadership annual subscription program. 

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Ingredient 1

Support when you need it.

Leadership Coaching

12 Sessions

The CSL annual program includes three 1:1  coaching/support sessions with Art and up to nine group coaching sessions led by Art that combine leaders from multiple common good organizations (both expandable).  Have the support year round to keep on track with making your strategic, multi-year plan come to life.

Art's Note:  Leadership Coaching is a powerful way to help you get traction in your action.  I am a Certified Professional Coach and have virtually coached hundreds of hours with cooperative leaders.  I love the potential of this offering as it gives you time 1:1 with me in a way that fits your needs AND gives you access to 1-3 "drop in" coaching sessions per month that may include a variety of leaders who can also support you!  Win!

Ingredient 2

Build internal capacity and know how by investing in your team's strategic leadership to get decisions made and action taken.

Professional Training and Development

The CSL annual program includes a Common Good Strategy Primer course customized for cooperatives.  The professional course includes a series of training videos and reflections created on the foundation of over a decade of cooperative strategic work.  Meant to be consumed by individual team members, these lessons and reflections are easy to consume, practical and will get all involved on the same page.  

Art's Note: In the past, this would likely be an expensive live training, trying to adapt complex corporate strategy tools  or patched together from various videos online.  Now for the first time, it is consolidated in easy to understand and practical lessons.  And of course, if you need support, you have access to me via coaching!  Win-Win!

Ingredient 3

Effective, Guided Facilitation on your Own Terms and Timing

Video Series supporting DIY facilitation.

The CSL annual program includes a series of pre-recorded facilitation videos that you can use to easily and effectively facilitate the collaborative process.  With this support you can effectively formulate, design and implement your multi-year strategic plan through facilitation videos that blend into your regular way of working.  Use them in a retreat or a series of meetings.  The choice is yours!

Art's Note: In the past, you were pretty much dependent on making up how you do all this yourself or bringing someone like me in.  Now you will be able to DIY effectively and flexibly.  And of course...you will still have me supporting via coaching and training!  Win-Win-Win!

Is it time? Multi-year plans; Strategy; Reporting to the board and actually DOING it...

You have a partner!  Art knows cooperatives, strategy and teaming, having partnered with dozens of cooperatives,  GMs and their teams to navigate multi-year strategic planning.   He spent years on the CBLD team so he knows co-op board in and out.  He has provided strategy and leadership training for NCG and has worked with common good leaders from around the world.

The new Cooperative Strategic Leadership Annual subscription gives you access to year round coaching support (a strategy sandwich!) and on-demand training and virtual facilitation videos.  All built on deep experience and understanding of food cooperatives and their strategic context.

Built for our Times (yes...Covid yet so much more)

Strategic Process Support REIMAGINED

In the "old" days, we used to do strategic work in a particular way...when it was planning time (typically about 4-6 months before the end of the fiscal year) we would schedule a retreat, do the work, and then go back to work.  

Times have changed.  We asked, how might we do this better?  More effective?  More efficient use of resources?  

The CSL Annual Progam is the answer.

It is FULLY and completely flexible to our changing and challenging work environments.  And is even BETTER!




Common Good leaders speak about strategy and learning from Art...

My experience working with Art was collaborative from Day 1. He was able to understand our company’s needs and also who we are as humans. Throughout the strategy process to bring our company to the next phase, he helped us separate those two things so that we could find a path forward that honors what was right for us holistically. Art is generative by nature and stretches our thinking– he also is not afraid to bring in the wealth of experiences he has to every project we have done with him since, without letting that wisdom design what comes next; rather- it informs it. The honest truth is Art has become a friend to us, and someone we trust with any project that comes next.

CEO Social Purpose Company

He is easy for me to relate to and has a good depth of knowledge and skills to support you with.

Non-profit ED

Rather than having someone fly in for a couple of days for a strategic planning session
and leave us with some flip charts and materials that don’t end up getting put into practice, we have this ongoing supportive relationship. 

Food Co-op GM

Art Sherwood

 Dr. Art Sherwood is co-founder with Gwen Fluhr of Reimagine By Design, LLC. They are both member-owners of Columinate Consulting Cooperative. Dr. Sherwood is an experienced strategist and executive coach and holds the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship Chair and is Director of Western Washington University’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs. Dr. Sherwood is also an affiliated faculty team member for the Centre for Executive Education at the United Nations Established University for Peace in Costa Rica where he teaches Positive Leadership and coaches leaders from around the world. He teaches and researches human-centered entrepreneurship and innovation education with a focus on well-being and coaching promoting flourishing practices for people in their personal and professional lives. He and his partner Gwen are experienced entrepreneurs and certified professional coaches and reside in Bellingham WA, USA.

Food Co-op GM Speak...on Coaching and Learning with Art

I was stuck. We had just found our footing from a move to a new location, and the store was booming. But, I was struggling. I was having trouble with my reports to the board of directors and I was finding it difficult to see a clear direction for the future of our coop. I had spent several years planning and executing this build and move that I found it difficult see what’s next. Then, in the light of social dissent in our country, I really grappled with our coop’s place in this national discussion.

 Food Coop GM

Art Sherwood helped me through all of it. Art’s process was extremely helpful in that it forced me to see all of these problems through a different lens. He helped me to question how I was viewing all of this. He gave me the tools to deconstruct my problems and rebuild them differently. Mainly, Art helped me see that our organization had changed, but my approach to it had not.

 Food Coop GM

Since the beginning of these coaching sessions, my relationship with the board of directors has improved, my leadership of the management team has improved, and my commitment to futuring is once again dynamic, fluid and exciting.

 Thanks Art

Food Coop GM

What does it cost to get to take your strategic work to the next level? Annual Program Introductory Fee

Intro Pricing for 2022: $7500 for a WHOLE year

Top features


  • A partner in the strategic process
  • Recorded online co-operative strategy training for your team done at your chosen pace.
  • Recorded online facilitation videos done at your chosen pace.
  • 12 Leadership coaching sessions including 9 Group Coaching sessions and three 1:1 coaching sessions with Art
  • Coordination and set up support
  • Sound guidance from someone who knows food cooperatives well (including working with staff and boards on strategy-from formulation to reporting).